Thank Goodness That’s Over

Cindy’s injection number one of three on day 60 of a 91-day heartworm treatment is done! Thank goodness. Although the hard work is really just starting…

Tuesday at 8 a.m. I dropped Cindy off at the vet for her day-long procedure. The one and only highlight of leaving her behind? We found out she’s down to 52.2 pounds (she came in at 57-plus pounds)!

Pre-procedure smiles

Pre-procedure smiles

Beyond picking her up, that was really the only highlight of the day. I spent all my time at work worrying and carrying my cell phone around with me waiting for the call saying I could pick her up. I hadn’t heard anything all day and when it got to be close to 5 p.m., I finally called and they told me she was ready to go home. I think I broke speed records getting there to pick her up.

I was in the reception area waiting to be called into an exam room to see her but when I heard her breathing and scuffling walk from yards away I raced (uncalled) into the room I knew she was in. I was SO SO happy to see her I almsot cried.

The vet tech told me that Cindy did great. She had some problems with her respiration immediately after the injection so they put her in “super” isolation to keep her calm and she seemed to respond well after that.

I got her follow-up meds (steroids) and we made the slow walk to the car to head home. Cindy has to remain extremely calm for the next four weeks – until her next two injections – and that is going to be the hard part.

Lucy was very excited to see her and it was hard keeping the two of them calm. Cindy’s breathing was already a bit rough – we think she was super dry because she chugged water all night and then peed all over the carpet this morning – and to say I was a tad anxious would be a gross understatement.

Cindy just would not settle down; she wasn’t excited, persay, but I tried keeping her alone in the kitchen and she barked. Not exactly a recipe to remain calm. I brought her into the living room and put her on the couch so she could be around Lucy and me to avoid separation anxiety but she could not get comfy. She wandered all over the couch and wouldn’t fall asleep. I, however, was exhausted but just couldn’t leave her while she was awake. I was a ball of anxiety. Just ask Marty.

Finally around 9 p.m. she and Lucy settled on the couch and Cindy promptly fell fast asleep; so did I (yes, I’m an old lady who goes to bed at 9 every night. Hey, I get up at 5 a.m.!).

Finally starting to settle down for the night.

Finally starting to settle down for the night.

Yesterday’s drama seems to have now caught up with her. She didn’t have the energy to make it outside this morning and peed all over the carpet but I’m so glad to have her home I wasn’t super annoyed đŸ™‚ So far Cindy’s list of activities this morning includes sleeping, eating and sleeping.

Lucy's butt makes for a cushy pillow

Lucy’s butt makes for a cushy pillow

I’m very lucky in that Cindy is an inherently calm dog so more than anything it’s going to be managing the two dogs to prevent extra excitment for Cindy.

It’s going to be a long couple of weeks…


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