Cindy laughs in the face of heartworms!


I’m a slightly less paranoid wreck than I was two days ago. We seem to be settling back into the same routine we had before except a few more naps, a few less walks and a few more pee spots on the carpet every morning. Not sure what’s causing the peeing beyond the fact that she’s drinking a lot of water and can’t hold it for six hours every night?

I’d say Wednesday was definitely Cindy’s sleepiest day; I could tell she was absolutely pooped for most of the day before rallying a bit at night.

Sleepy but looking adorable in her new harness!

Sleepy but looking adorable in her new harness!

Thursday seemed to be a turning point; she had a lot more energy and apparently even tried chasing our neighbor’s dogs! Obviously I about near had a heart attack when Marty told me that, but for the most part we’ve been able to keep her (and Lucy) calm.

Nap buddies

Nap buddies

I think if we were home all day or had normal, 9-5 jobs it would be a lot harder to manage this heartworm thing, but since we have large chunks of time where we’re at work and neither of us has a normal workday schedule, Cindy’s able to pretty much sleep all day. Normally I hate having such a weird, non-regular work schedule but for now I’m grateful because it means Cindy’s able to relax all day. I feel guilty for leaving them and yet I know it’s better for Cindy right now to be able to sleep away most of the day.

Plus she looks so cute when she’s sleeping 🙂

Absolute cuteness

Absolute cuteness

And here’s a gratuitous, cute photo of Lucy just because. 🙂

Work it, Lucy!

Work it, Lucy!

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