Rough Start to the Weekend

Today was not exactly the best start to the weekend.

It all started at 5 a.m. Marty and I both woke up early as we had long, busy days ahead at work. Marty went downstairs first and from upstairs I heard Cindy hacking up…something. Turns out she was puking up a lovely mix of saliva and foamy stuff and she continued to dry heave on and off.

We took her outside to do her business, got her to drink some water and lifted her onto the couch for some R&R while we worked out, all the while keeping an eye on her.

Lucy was worried and stuck by Cindy's side all morning.

Lucy was worried and stuck by Cindy’s side all morning.

Cindy stopped her hacking and puking so I decided to feed her breakfast, albeit slowly. So I fed her spoonful by spoonful and she ate everything. And then puked everything back up approximately three minutes later. Not good. Cindy is on steroids as part of the heartworm treatment but she obviously didn’t keep her morning dose down, and I started to get worried. One of the symptoms to watch out for after the heartworm injections is vomiting – put a big, fat check mark next to that one.

I called the vet who said she could come in and get an anti-nausea shot, so at 9:45 this morning I hauled Cindy back to the vet for the second time in five days. They were happy to see her but I was not happy to be there. Cindy got her shot and then we hopped back into the car and headed home. Unfortunately I had to head to work, which was the last place I wanted to be but it’s not like I had a choice.

Luckily when I returned home there was no puke and Cindy promptly went outside and did her business. Following the vet’s suggestion, I fed her a mix of rice and bouillon along with a very, very tiny scoop of food. I crossed my fingers and fed her a small amount – and this time it stayed down!

However, there’s no doubt she feels pretty shitty.

Not enough energy to make it onto the couch.

Not enough energy to make it onto the couch.

And Lucy is pretty worried.

Keeping a close eye on Cindy.

Keeping a close eye on Cindy.

Four hours later and Cindy has still kept her food down although it’s obvious she’s feeling less than 100%. Honestly, how do parents of human children do it? I’m a nervous wreck over a dog that technically isn’t mine (since she’s a foster) and it’s stressing me out big time!


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