Lucy’s Weird

Not exactly breaking news, but Lucy is weird. Something she proved several times over this weekend.

First, she insists on continuing to eat hers and Cindy’s dog bed and has now created a hole in the bedding. So, I turned the bed upside down. Then this happened.

Upside down bed? Doesn't matter to Lucy.

Upside down bed? Doesn’t matter to Lucy.

And then I finally captured on camera what Marty has deemed “vampire dog.”

"I vant to suck your blood!"

“I vant to suck your blood!”

I also took her to visit Marty’s track team during their pizza night on Saturday where she put her weirdness on full display. She ran around from person to person but wouldn’t stop long enough for anyone to actually pet her, so she just darted around the room totally wearing herself out without actually getting any pets.

One of the kids flat out asked me why Lucy was so weird. I don’t know, kid, I really don’t.

All these idiosyncracies make Lucy 100% unique…and they’re why we love her 🙂


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