All Done! (and a PSA)

Yesterday morning Cindy and I were back at the vet. I was pretty sure she was going to get her third and final heartworm treatment injection but there appeared to be some confusion in the doctor’s notes. So, Cindy and I hung out in the waiting room while they sorted things out and ultimately it was determined she was indeed getting her final injection yesterday.

So, for the second day in a row I left Cindy at the vet all day 😦 This week at work has been crazy – we’ve had home games every single afternoon. Monday and Tuesday I had my assistant handle the games while I picked up Cindy but I knew I couldn’t do that three days in a row, so I enlisted Marty’s help to pick Cindy up while I was working a softball doubleheader. I armed him with a list of questions to ask the vet and as luck would have it, it rained in the third inning of the second softball game so I was able to meet him at the vet.

All I have to say is poor Cindy! She was – and is – so, so tired. These last two days have absolutely drained her. And it makes me even more angry at the puppy mill that “raised” her. It’s not fair that Cindy has to go through all of this just because a group of people do not give their dogs basic care (remember, Cindy had Lyme’s disease, too). For the next several months, when she should be outside enjoying the nice weather, she’s going to have to be cooped up inside because the exercise limitations extend for several months beyond the final heartworm injection.

As has been the case with the last two injections, she was breathing heavily and just could not settle down for several hours after we all got home from the vet. Finally around 9:30 or so, she settled down and has been doing this ever since:

Perfecting her sad, pathetic look. It works, at least on me!

Perfecting her sad, pathetic look. It works, at least on me!

I even had to physically lift her out of her bed this morning to go out and take care of her business!

Bringing this back around to our vet trip, I think some of the confusion about Cindy’s treatment stemmed from the fact that heartworm is very rare, especially in the northern states. The one and only way heartworm can be spread is from a mosquito bite – it’s not contagious – and it’s far more prevalent down South. However, dog owners take note – Cindy is a prime example that yes, you DO need to stay on top of heartworm prevention for your dogs, no matter where you live. As everyone who’s read this blog knows from my previous posts, heartworm treatment is lengthy, dangerous and expensive.

I’ll now get off my soapbox and go back to giving Cindy hugs and kisses 🙂


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