Girls Weekend

It was just me and the girls this weekend! Marty was (and still is) away at the Landmark Conference Track & Field Championships so I was on my own with the girls this weekend. I had lots of work to do – both for my job and grad school – but the girls and I still had plenty of quality time together πŸ™‚

Cindy did lots and lots of this:



And Lucy was even surprisingly calm (for her) right up until tonight…

Apparently quite bored

Apparently quite bored

Now she’s got the zoomies and keeps dragging me outside to do nothing but sprint around the yard.

I did manage to cap off our girls weekend by painting my toenails, though (I spared the girls)!

Lucy was unimpressed

Lucy was unimpressed

Just one (maybe two) more weekends of craziness and games and then it will be officially summer and I’ll have my weekends back for the first time since late August!


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