Look Who Ate Out of a Bowl!

Cindy ate breakfast out of a bowl like a big girl!

Cindy ate breakfast out of a bowl like a big girl!

As many of you might know, Cindy more or less refused to eat out of a bowl ever since we brought her home. The most she ever did was drink the water the food was soaking in but never actually ate the food itself. There’s no way we’ll ever know for sure, but our guess is that at the puppy mill they threw food on the floor and she just isn’t used to eating out of a bowl.

So we’ve been feeding her on a mat on the floor for nearly four months now. It’s never bothered me because Cindy should be able to eat however she wants after spending nearly seven years at a puppy mill. But, now that she’s getting ready to be adopted we figured we’d give it another try.

I guess she was a hungry dog this morning because she was tap-dancing around the kitchen (which is hilarious, by the way) more than normal while Lucy was eating her breakfast so I suggested that Marty try putting the bowl on the floor to see what Cindy would do. She started off just drinking the water, as usual, and then we realized she was actually eating the food!!

And then we had a minor fail because she ate close to 90% of her breakfast and then puked some of it back up 😦 Not entirely sure why – maybe she ate too fast? (Never thought we’d have that problem with bowl-feeding!).

Either way it was a major step forward. I’ll try again tonight and maybe feed her half her food at a time to slow her down a bit.

Marty and I were so proud of her this morning!!


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