A Confession

I have to preface this by saying I am a dog lover. I grew up with dogs and find all most dogs adorable. That being said, I am a bulldog snob.

There, I admitted it. I am totally partial to English bulldogs. If I ever permanently added a second dog, it would be a bulldog.

So addictively cute

So addictively cute

However, that doesn’t meant I don’t feel guilty about this little confession. I feel like I should love all kinds of dogs regardless of breed and to a certain extent I do. It’s just that bulldogs hold a special section in my heart that’s a little bigger than the rest.

Case in point – when I first started volunteering with S.N.O.R.T. I initially said we weren’t going to foster. Lucy was still a puppy, our apartment isn’t huge and I just didn’t think we needed two dogs, even if temporary. However, once an email came through that an English bulldog needed a foster home after being rescued from an Amish puppy mill, I changed my story very quickly. And before it had time to really sink in, we had two English bulldogs!

In fact, when I decided to get Lucy, it was a conscious decision to get a bulldog, not just a dog.

Baby Lucy!

Baby Lucy!

I have been accused by more than one person that I have a very black-and-white approach to life and there’s definitely some truth to that. I’ve also been known to change my mind, though, so these are probably famous last words and in five years I’ll have three dogs of three different breeds!


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