Happy “Gotcha” Day!

This day one year ago, my mom and I were in the process of driving home from Philadelphia with precious cargo in the backseat:

Lucy and her "grandma"

Lucy and her “grandma”

Last year the day after Mother’s Day, I extended the celebratory weekend by making a trip to Philadelphia with my mom to pick up little Lucy, who had just turned eight weeks old.

My all-time favorite picture of Lucy

My all-time favorite picture of Lucy

It was so great for my mom to make the trip with me. Not only did it provide me company on the trip, my mom was able to spend two days with me, Marty and Lucy as we all got adjusted to having Lucy in our lives. It was also a great reason to extend Mother’s Day weekend with a mini “vacation” of sorts for my mom and me.

My mom suffered a massive stroke two years ago and for a while I think we all doubted whether she’d be able to make trips like the one she did last year. So it was extra-special to bring my mom – my best friend – with me to bring home my precious cargo. My mom still struggles greatly with her speech, and always will, so it is incredibly rewarding to see her light up around Lucy and interact with her.

Still a puppy!

Still a puppy!

Lucy and I have been through puppy school, emergency vet trips (someone is allergic to bees), a nose job, triathlon spectating and many, many roadtrips.

This past year has been SO. MUCH. FUN. Lucy has gone from a wee little 12-pound puppy to a petite 40-pound bulldog with loads of personality. For many years I was too selfish with my personal time to want to spend it on a puppy; now I can’t imagine life any other way!

Happy Gotcha Day, Lucy!

An annoyed Lucy with a photo-bombing Cindy.

An annoyed Lucy with a photo-bombing Cindy.


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