Confession Part II

A second “confessions” post…

What do the following three things have in common?

A bag of treats with a side of Lucy

A bag of treats with a side of Lucy

A leash

A leash

A testy-looking Lucy

A testy-looking Lucy

They are all required to take Lucy for a walk. Yes, despite having Lucy for over a year now, she still refuses to willingly go for a walk.

In puppy school, we learned how to get our dogs to properly walk on a leash – stay on one side of their owners, not pull, etc., with rewards (i.e. treats) for obeying proper walking techniques.

And Lucy was, and still is, really good at that. However, Lucy has a unique problem when it comes to walks – she never wants to actually go for a walk. Hence the treats. I am forced to act like we’re back in puppy school and lure her (and reward her) with treats just to get her to walk with me through the park every afternoon.

There isn’t a walk that goes by where I don’t think to myself, “feeding a dog while she takes a walk totally defeats the purpose of the walk.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. Lucy has gotten better but it is still a struggle to get her walking without a treat to lure her off our yard. It’s both frustrating and hilarious. She is a bulldog, therefore she is stubborn, and the humor in going for a walk with a treat bag isn’t lost on me. However, I have been called stubborn more than once in my life so despite her best efforts, everyday we go for a walk whether she likes it or not.


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