A Puffy Paw

Such a pretty little lady:

So pretty!

So pretty!

Who has all of a sudden developed a not-so-pretty paw:

A red, puffy paw with a side of saggy boobs

A red, puffy paw with a side of saggy boobs

On Friday when I came home for lunch I almost immediately noticed that Cindy’s back left paw looked like the above picture. Of course I remained calm, cool and collected when I saw it. And by calm, cool and collected I mean I practically had a heart attack, consulted Dr. Google and called…Marty? Yeah, I don’t know either. It’s not like he was going to be of any help.

Cindy doesn’t have much of a reaction to my gentle prodding of the lump and her gait seems to be the same, as in not smooth and painful-looking – sadly the norm for her!

If Cindy were my dog I would have been on the phone with the vet ASAP. However, Cindy isn’t my dog so I put in an email to S.N.O.R.T. to see what they wanted me to do since they cover the medical costs for the foster dogs. They told me to give her some benadryl over the weekend and if it was still bad on Monday to make an appointment.

Well, two doses of benadryl later and her paw looks…exactly the same. I’m already planning on calling the vet Monday unless a few more doses of benadryl do the work. Dr. Google said it was likely an interdigit cyst and the treatment options look they vary greatly – some recommend antibiotics, some steroids, some draining the cyst, etc. Needless to say none of those are actions I can take on my own, so I do think that ultimately we’ll need to take (another) trip to the vet.

I’m hoping it’s nothing too serious and that medication will be all she needs. I just wish I knew what caused it. Apparently it’s not an uncommon problem in bulldogs and could have happened from something she stepped on, although we don’t go for walks due to her heartworm treatment and the heat.

Poor girl just can’t catch a break!


One thought on “A Puffy Paw

  1. Katie, if this helps any….Theo the mill pug came home with a BIG lump in between his toes. By the time he got to the vet it was GONE! The vet said it must have been an abscess that burst, drained and he was fine. I took photos of it if you would like to see.

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