Rooting from Afar

As I write this, Marty is in the midst of racing in the 70.3 Ironman triathlon in Cambridge, Maryland, vying for a spot in the World Championships in Hawaii this October. Normally I would be with him at the race; I went last year and despite the eight hours of spectating and waiting, I really had a good time. This year, however, I was not able to travel due to the adorable reasons below:

Adorable Reason #1

Adorable Reason #1

Adorable Reason #2 (by the way, how is this comfortable??)

Adorable Reason #2 (by the way, how is this comfortable??)

Last year Marty’s race was in Rhode Island which is obviously north of where we live, so on the way to the race we dropped Lucy off with my parents, who live in northern New Jersey. We had actually (naively) planned on bringing Lucy but my mom offered to keep her for the weekend which worked out for the best because, as previously mentioned, we had a near eight-hour day not including travel, and temperatures soared to probably close to 90 degrees if not over?

Anyway, despite the fact that Maryland is south of here, I was willing to drive Lucy to my parents’ earlier this week so we could travel to this weekend’s race sans dog, but we have a little squish named Cindy who is still with us. I did not want to force two dogs on my parents and bringing them to the race wasn’t even remotely a possibility. I probably wouldn’t have even wanted to bring one dog; Lucy is great at races, but these Ironman races are (obviously) on the longer side and it’s just not fair to bring a dog.

So the dogs and I are currently stationed on the couch nervously watching the live results on my laptop. I feel badly that I wasn’t able to travel to the race and if the race were one week later, Cindy probably would have been in her new, forever home. However, that’s not how things worked out but instead of being (too) down about it, I’m soaking up all the time I’ve been able to spend with Cindy and Lucy this weekend in what looks like could be one of, if not the, final weekend we’re a two-dog family.


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