Beyond Weird

Well, Lucy has taken her weirdness to entirely new levels this weekend. I had long planned to make the trip to northern New Jersey to spend Father’s Day Weekend with my parents. For a while it looked like I would be dropping Cindy off at her forever home on my way, but that did not happen…a different story for a different day.

Thus, since Cindy was not going to her new home, I made the decision to take Lucy on a road trip to NJ while Cindy stayed back at home in Pennsylvania with Marty.

It has been well documented that Lucy is weird, which could not be more evident when it comes to my dad.

Well, Lucy has gone and outdone herself this weekend. It normally takes her a good 20 minutes to a half hour to warm up to my dad. This picture was taken 24 hours after we’d gotten here and is pretty much as close as she’s gotten to my dad all weekend.

"I will not come any closer, not even for food."

“I will not come any closer, not even for food.”

Honest to God, I’m just about at my wits end. She not only refuses to go near my dad, she also will not walk on the linoleum floor, will not go outside and once outside, will not come inside. There are painters working on the outside of our house – won’t go near them. Our neighbor offered her a treat and she acted as if it were poisoned – would not take the treat from him. She won’t let anyone pet her and she’s acting utterly depressed. I even resorted to buying a stuffie for her, which she destroyed in less than 30 minutes but did not seem to make her any happier.

I have had to literally drag her out from underneath the table she enjoys “hiding” under to get her to go outside to do her business. I haven’t the faintest idea what has gotten into her; she’s spent extended time with my parents before and we were here for a few days over the holidays a few months ago.

There’s only so many times I can reassure my family that Lucy isn’t actually this weird all the time before they stop believing me. I just wish I knew what has weirded her out.

But being so stressed and high-strung has finally made her crash.

Feeling safe between the couch and "her" table.

Feeling safe between the couch and “her” table.


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