A(nother) Paw Problem

These paws:

A lovely shade of red/maroon

A lovely shade of red/maroon

Belong to this dog:

"I'm still cute, though."

“I’m still cute, though.”

While I’m still soaking Cindy’s paw (the cyst seems to come and go, and unfortunately – or fortunately? – it’s always in the same spot), Lucy has decided she needs to get in on the special attention again.

Lucy has been a chronic foot licker/eater for the majority of the time we’ve had her. When this first started about a year ago, she was put on a dose of steroids and we were given a bottle of anti-fungal solution to clean her paws and wrinkles. The steroids worked…but only for the time she was actually on them.

Once the dose was over, she went right back to eating her feet and so for the past year I’ve pointlessly tried keeping her licking at bay with the anti-fungal rinse. We finally went back to the vet a few weeks ago and were told to wipe her paws with baby wipes every time she came inside and to put fish oil in her food.

A few weeks later and I’m still obviously fighting a losing battle, as evidenced by the photo. I read that a diluted mix of apple cider vinegar can prevent the growth of yeast so I’ve now been chasing Lucy’s feet around with a spray bottle a few times a day.

I can’t tell if it’s working yet; I’d really like to avoid putting her on allergy meds since her feet don’t hurt her from what we can tell and we don’t even know what she’s allergic to – it’s obviously not grass as she rolls around in it (and eats it) every time we’re outside. The vet also said her feet don’t actually have that much yeast on them. I’ve honestly thought for a while now that she just licks her paws out of habit, which means that instead of a highly-allergic dog, we have an OCD puppy 🙂

Anyone have any tips out there to help with yeast/fungus infections in dogs?


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