The Best (and Worst) Toy

This toy:


has been simultaneously the best and worst toy. Lucy adores this toy – she can easily spend an hour chewing away at it. She had gone through two or three when we brought Cindy home and after a few weeks when Cindy got comfortable being here, she decided she loved the toy, as well. Never mind that it made her gums bleed (chewing on a bone with your gums will do that and don’t worry, she never, ever appears in any pain and it’s not a lot of blood), she became very possessive of it. In fact, 90% of the times that Cindy snapped and lunged at Lucy over the past few months it was because Lucy had the audacity to walk within five feet of the toy while Cindy was “chewing” on it.

So, I bought a second one so we’d have one for each dog. And that worked…sort of. Cindy was still quite possessive in the beginning so we had to make sure that the girls chewed their respective toys in opposite corners of the room. She still snapped at Lucy from time to time but the incidents seem to have decreased over the past few weeks.

And of course there’s no other toy that Cindy shows any interest in whatsoever (and we have plenty). Thus, Lucy tends to get a bit protective from time to time.

One is good, two is better

One is good, two is better

"All for me!"

“All for me!”

We’re going on probably over a month without any snapping incidents of any kind whatsoever (knock on wood!). It appears it only took Cindy five months to get used to the fact that Lucy was here first and isn’t going anywhere 🙂

On a totally unrelated note, Marty and I were both up at 5 a.m. this morning (well, I’m always up at that time, Marty never is) and for some reason Cindy decided today it was just entirely too early and put herself back to bed after doing her business.

Yes, she sleeps in a bed on top of another bed. A story for another day.

Yes, she sleeps in a bed on top of another bed. A story for another day.


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