I Need to Hit the Lottery

Warning: This post is a bit of a downer.

For the second time, a potential adopter of Cindy has backed out 😦 This time it wasn’t because of a pool, it was because the applicant decided Cindy was too old.

"Too old?? I'm in my golden years!"

“Too old?? I’m in my golden years!”

Luckily this applicant pulled out literally three hours before I was scheduled to leave for the house visit. Not so luckily, Cindy is (obviously) still without a forever home. And yet again, I have a range of emotions from sad to depressed to frustrated. Doesn’t anyone realize that no matter how much longer she lives she’s worth it? We’ve only had her six months but she’s already made us very happy, and we’re just the foster family!

At this rate, I feel as if all signs are pointing to Marty and me just keeping her. But it’s simply not practical; we work long hours and finding and paying someone to watch one dog on occasional weekends during the academic year is hard enough, let alone paying someone to watch two dogs. Which leads to the next reason that it’s not practical to keep her – we just don’t have the money for two expensive dogs. I’m in grad school for the next year and let’s face it, neither Marty nor I are in our jobs for the money. Cindy might need to be spayed (maybe not, it all depends on what the vet recommends) and she is getting older – she’s bound to have some health issues arise because, as my grandfather always said, “getting old sucks.”

So the only real solution is to hit the lottery. Marty won two dollars on his birthday scratch-off lotto ticket; we’re going to need to multiply that by…a lot. So next time I hit the grocery store I’m going to buy a lotto ticket or two and then after I’m actually down a few dollars from buying losing tickets, I’ll go home to the girls and wait for Cindy’s forever home to find her!


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