A Roadtrip

It’s Vacation Week! I normally spend vacation split between a few days with Marty’s family on their annual vacation and a few days with my family since they watch Lucy for me while we’re away. This year wasn’t exactly normal, though, for a reason named Cindy.

My parents are more than generous by offering to watch Lucy, who isn’t exactly an easy dog; she’s very high energy for a bulldog! Therefore, I did not want to force two dogs on them, especially since they don’t really know Cindy and all of her quirks (of which there are many!). I also didn’t want to put Cindy in a kennel; she spent so many years cooped up that not only would I have felt badly, there’s no way to know how she’d react (and I don’t even know/think that foster dogs are allowed to be kenneled).

Combined with the fact that I have summer classes that rudely don’t stop when I’m on vacation, I decided it was best if I did a staycation of sorts. However, I knew I’d go nuts sitting at home in the middle-of-nowhere-Pennsylvania by myself for a week so I thought I’d take the doggies and spend the weekend with my parents and then head back to Central PA to do homework and relax with the doggies for the rest of the week.

So, this morning I packed up the doggies for Cindy’s first-ever (at least known to me) long road trip. She did surprisingly well, although she didn’t really sleep on the ride. She’d spend 10 minutes on one half of the backseat, walk over to the other side, spend 10 minutes there, etc., etc.

She was very excited when we got here and it took a good 30-40 minutes for her breathing to get back under control (another reason I would have felt nervous leaving her in a kennel). Once she got settled in, she pretty much hasn’t moved from this spot:

Absolutely out cold.

Absolutely out cold.

And Lucy is finally doing much of the same:

She loves this spot

She loves this spot

The good news is that Lucy has been much, much more normal this time around. Not normal, mind you, but more normal.

I do think that both doggies with need a vacation from this vacation, though!


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