Checking Up on Lucy

It’s been about 10 days since we dropped Cindy off at her forever home and I promised an update on how Lucy was handling Cindy’s departure.

Having just finished up a grad school course on research methods, I can tell you that we definitely did not pick the right week to determine how Cindy’s loss would affect Lucy; we had way too many variables changing at once! It started with an out-of-the-ordinary trip with Lucy and Cindy to New Jersey (Cindy’s first real road trip with us). Then we came back to PA to a Marty-less apartment as he was on vacation with his family. Then literally within minutes of him getting back to PA, we turned around, left Lucy at home and brought Cindy to her new family. Then, the three of us spent the last few days being bums for the remainder of our vacation; Lucy is very used to us spending the majority of our days at work so that was also not normal for her.

Clearly the entire week was an abnormal one even without the loss of Cindy. Also, Marty and I were expecting Lucy to be sad and depressed so we were probably extra paranoid observant in regards to Lucy’s behavior.

So, was Lucy sad with the loss of Cindy?


In a word, yes. But for the reasons mentioned above, the whole week was just so abnormal for everyone that I honestly think she was thrown off for reasons other than just Cindy. Although several times we caught her watching the door when we took her outside as if she expected Cindy to follow her out. And for the first few days she would run into the living room after eating just like she did when we had Cindy and it was Cindy’s turn to eat in the kitchen.

"Are you done messing around with my schedule?"

“Are you done messing around with my schedule?”

Marty and I both thought she was being a bit more cuddly but again, we were kind of looking for signs that she was sad so we were probably definitely over-analyzing things.

Then, less than a week after Cindy was gone, Lucy developed hives which meant two days of benadryl, a vet visit and allergy meds so the abnormal happenings continued!

However, this weekend Lucy seems to be back to relatively normal on all fronts. I took her to the dog park yesterday and we took at least two walks to burn off her energy, we played with her toys a LOT and she finally cuddled on the couch last night, all things she did before (and during) Cindy’s time with us. The hives are gone and the allergy meds seem to be making her eat her feet slightly less.

Now that our normal routine is back, we’re going to throw Lucy for another loop when we leave next Friday afternoon to spend the weekend in South Jersey to celebrate Marty’s niece’s graduation/departure for college. Lucy’s going to have a blast (she gets to see Diesel again!), though, so I think she’ll forgive us for interrupting her schedule again 🙂


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