A Weekend in South Jersey

This past weekend was one of the highlights of the summer for Lucy (and for us!). For the second year in a row, Marty, Lucy and I all piled into my car to make the trip to South Jersey for a weekend with Marty’s family. Marty was competing in the Brigantine Triathlon again and this year his sister hosted a graduation/college send-off for Marty’s niece so it was a fun-filled weekend!

As usual Lucy was a tremendous traveler.

Safe, but not happy, in her cage.

Safe, but not happy, in her cage.

I do feel badly that she’s stuck in the cage, but when Marty and I both travel she obviously has to move to the backseat. And, while she’s a great traveler, I do not trust her to have free reign of the entire backseat for 3 1/2 hours!

This year I opted not to bring Lucy to the triathlon. Last summer it was 95 degrees and while this year was cooler, Lucy can also hold her bladder for longer than she could as a wee little puppy last year. It’s also just not easy for me to catch Marty on various parts of the course while trying to control a social (and strong!) dog.

After Marty’s race (where he won his age group and was the fourth overall male!), we packed Lucy up to make an appearance at the graduation party. Unfortunately Lucy only stayed about an hour and a half or so; it was raining, which meant we couldn’t run her ragged in the yard, and Marty and I decided that we’d drop her back at his parents’ house then head back to the party without having to worry about occupying Lucy.

For the limited time she was there, though, she had a blast!

"Catching" the raindrops

“Catching” the raindrops

Marty caught her antics on video.

Surprisingly Lucy was not as tired on Sunday as we thought she’d be. Don’t get me wrong, she was pooped on Saturday but by the time we got home on Sunday she still had some energy left and today (Monday) she’s back to her feisty self, playing with her new tennis ball thanks to Bubbie, Marty’s mom.

I am very thankful that Lucy is as great a traveler as she is. The drive to South Jersey is easily three and a half hours and not once did Lucy make so much as a peep. When we made pit stops she quickly did her business, we loaded her back in the car and were back on our way. She was happy as a clam at Marty’s parents’ house, playing with them, sleeping on the cushy, leather couch (!) and planting herself in the middle of all the action.

Pooped, but refusing to leave the action.

Pooped, but refusing to leave the action.

I honestly do not know what we’d do if she wasn’t such an easy dog with which to travel. None of our families live closer than two and a half hours, kennels are expensive and I do not want to kennel her every time we head to NJ for a simple weekend visit.

So, this past weekend probably marked the final fun weekend of travel until the holidays in November; I’d say we made the most of it!


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