I’d Finally Had Enough (Dog Cleaning 101)

Our apartment just isn’t that big, but as anyone who owns a dog will know, a dog has a way of inching its way into every space, corner and crevice in a home – I find hair in my food, drool marks on the couch, blades of grass on the carpet brought in from Lucy’s paws, etc., etc.

The grass is easily taken care of – it’s called a vacuum. There’s really not much I can do about the hair; despite my hate for this phrase, “it is what it is.” I vacuum pretty frequently, dust the hard surfaces and use this fabulous tool on the carpet:

I guess Lucy doesn't want me to clean?

I guess Lucy doesn’t want me to clean?

This was one of those total impulse buys turned turns out to be one of the best purchases I’ve made! It’s essentially a scraper for the carpet and despite using this at least once a week on the carpets in our living areas, I scrape up at least another small dog’s worth of hair every single time. Kind of fascinating in a weird way.

The drool, however? Major thorn in my side. I never wanted Lucy to be a couch dog but she is and there’s no going back now. Unfortunately, she drools in her sleep and chews her toys on the couch so it is now a cess pool of (crusty) drool. Basically, it’s just plain nasty. I couldn’t stand to sit on it, let alone let visitors sit on it. And we can’t put a blanket down because a certain 18-month old bulldog likes to eat blankets.

This weekend I’d finally had enough. I was sick of sitting on a couch encrusted in drool so I did what everyone does when they have a problem; I Googled the shit out of it.

Our couch is a microfiber couch:

An "after" shot after the second cleaning of the weekend.

An “after” shot following the second cleaning of the weekend.

And Google said rubbing alcohol would solve all my problems. According to what I read, all I had to do was spritz the couch with rubbing alcohol and use a neutral-covered sponge to rub all the nastiness out of it.


So, Lucy was designated to the floor while I cleaned the couch…twice.

Sad Lucy

Sad Lucy

Verdict? I think it’s helping. It’s not perfect but that’s also part of the beauty of microfiber; it’s similar to suede in its feel and texture so it’s not supposed to look perfectly even-colored. The water/drool stains seem to be just about gone so if nothing else, I feel as if I can now actually sit on my own couch without contracting a disease (I’m joking…sort of).

In more interesting news, my parents came out to visit this weekend and Lucy was semi-normal (for her) around my dad. She adores my mom and seems to be more receptive to my dad in her own territory. Baby steps, baby steps.

My parents’ visit was much needed (for me) as it will be the last time I see them for entirely too long. It’s pretty obvious I am very close with my family; I’ve had a lot of things on my mind for the past year-plus and seeing them always puts me in a better frame of mind. It’s too bad that with my job I can’t see them more frequently.

I think Lucy misses them, too.

"Why did they have to leave?"

“Why did they have to leave?”


2 thoughts on “I’d Finally Had Enough (Dog Cleaning 101)

  1. My best friend solved the sofa drool problem by buying a new sofa, and “gifting” her old sofa to her bulldog. That’s now all his – full of hair, drool stains when he wakes up, and when guests come over he props himself up on the arm to greet everyone and let them know that’s his sofa. For her new sofa, it’s kind of comical – he’s not allowed on it, and when she leaves him alone she “puts it up” – piles up all the cushions so he can’t jump on it. At my place, he’s not allowed on the sofa but he tries to sneak on when he can.

  2. I WISH we had enough room for two couches – that really would probably solve a lot of problems! My hope is wherever we live next has a larger living room area and we can bestow Lucy with her own drool-worthy couch!

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