A Lunchtime Surprise

Every day I come home for lunch to let Lucy out and spend some time with her (and eat my own lunch!). Most days are pretty routine – I come home, we go outside, Lucy does her business and we spend some time roaming around the yard if it’s nice out. Then we come inside, Lucy eats her peanut butter (I slather some on her Kong), I eat my own lunch then we sit together on the couch watching What Not to Wear.

Not a bad little routine.

Sometimes, though, that routine doesn’t go as planned; I have a lunch meeting, it’s raining, or…Lucy gets sick.

Probably licking vomit off her nose.

Probably licking vomit off her nose.

I knew this was coming when Lucy grabbed her stuffed toy out of the closet while we had it open for literally a few seconds yesterday. There’s a reason the stuffed toy is hidden away – Lucy eats it. Literally. I’ve begged Marty to just throw it out but he didn’t and so she grabbed it. And before we could stop her, she’d eaten pieces of it, including some of its stuffing.

So today I took her out and her stuffed toy proceeded to exit out both ends. Let’s just say I didn’t have much an appetite for my lunch.

Sick, pathetic Lucy

Sick, pathetic Lucy

Now, most dog owners probably wouldn’t be too terribly worried, right? Obviously whatever she ate was no longer in her system. However, growing up we had a lab who routinely ate things she wasn’t supposed to and twice had to have surgery to remove foreign objects from her stomach. So, I think it’s pretty understandable that I get a tad worried.

Fortunately Lucy seems to be feeling a tad better. Not great – she’s lacking her usual pep and energy – but she seems to have regained control of her bodily fluids.

So now we’re on a diet of rice and bouillon that so far is staying down. Knock on wood.



And on that note, Happy Monday!


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