It’s a Good Thing She’s Cute

…because it’s always something with this dog!

"What do you mean I'm a lot of work, Mom?"

“What do you mean I’m a lot of work, Mom?”

Lucy’s been on allergy meds for probably just under a month now. For a while I thought it was lessening the amount of time she spent chewing her paws and while it may still be slightly better, she’s definitely still a paw eater. Of course, according to the weather channel, pollen counts have been quite high in this area for a while now, so that could be why she still attacks her feet from time to time.

However, we now have a new problem:


It was next to impossible to get a good picture of Lucy’s leg – the above photo was the best I could do. About four days ago I noticed small bumps on her leg (I know the picture makes it look more like hives, but when you look at her skin they’re definitely small red bumps) so I obviously freaked out. However, Lucy didn’t actually seem to notice them at all! I pressed on them and when she didn’t have a reaction pressed a little harder – still nothing. They don’t seem to itch as she continues to just eat/lick her paws, not her leg.

I gave her a few doses of benadryl which had no affect on her bumps, so I’m kind of at a loss. Every morning I wake up and hope the mysterious bumps are gone, but no such luck, which means we may have to make a trip to the vet yet again. Unfortunately, I have to unexpectedly make a trip to N.J. tomorrow through Monday so I can’t make an appointment for Monday and this week things really get busy at work with seven home games in two days.

Luckily Lucy doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort and everything else is normal – appetite, etc., so hopefully she’ll be okay until I can carve out some time to get to the vet.

Any dog owners out there have any idea what these bumps may be??


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