I’m a Liar

And here’s the proof:

Meet Snow White

Meet Snow White

Remember when I said we weren’t fostering again until the fall season was over? Well, obviously that didn’t hold true!

Late last week I got a call from S.N.O.R.T. that a female English bully, who had been rescued from a puppy mill just like Cindy, needed a new foster home because her current foster mom needed to have surgery. I obviously consulted Marty and told him several times that we were under no obligation to take Snow White in; we had said that we were holding off on fostering for a good reason (a LOT of crazy weekends) and there are two of us in this relationship. He needed to be 100% okay with fostering again so soon or it just wouldn’t have been worth it to me.

Marty assured me he was okay with it and that we would make it work so today after spending the day working several volleyball matches, I hopped in the car to pick up Snow White.

Snow White with a side of Marty's bony knee.

Snow White with a side of Marty’s bony knee.

So much to say! First off, I did not choose her name, despite the similar fairy tale theme as Cindy (aka Cinderella)! Second, she’s a sweetheart. Not quite as openly affectionate as Cindy (perhaps slightly more detached, although I don’t know any dog who was as openly affectionate as Cindy) but a big lovebug nonetheless.

Exploring her new digs

Exploring her new digs

She is a very, very solid girl. She could definitely stand to lose a bit of weight but fortunately she walks very well on a leash and is a million times more agile than Cindy (i.e. her joints are actually in their sockets where they belong!).

Her skin isn’t in the greatest shape; from my understanding her collar from the puppy mill had slightly embedded itself in her neck and she has a few patches of thinning hair that we’ll get checked out at my vet. She also has some very puffy paws on her back legs but she appears to walk without any pain. Her eyes are the biggest health issue from what I can tell. Her lower eyelashes curl into her eyeball so she’s on several drops to alleviate the irritation.

No problems with the two of them so far...

No problems with the two of them so far…

Because she’s been a foster dog for well over a month now she’s used to households and other dogs. She and Lucy so far haven’t had any issues although we will definitely be separating them when we’re not home. Snow White does have a fear of men, however, leaving Marty to accuse me of getting her just so I could run him off 🙂

Despite being more agile than Cindy, she can’t propel herself onto the couch although she made it clear that’s where she wanted to be…

What's going on up here?

What’s going on up here?

So I helped her up 🙂


There will be lots to say over the coming weeks but for now we’re going to settle in for the night!

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