One Picky Dog

I took Snow White to my vet yesterday to get a good, thorough exam. Beyond the vet files she came with, I really didn’t know much about her. Her eyes were still a goopy, oozing mess and her skin was clearly bothering her despite supposedly having been given medicated baths twice a week.

My primary concern, though, was the fact that she just would not eat. Due to her allergies I knew she had to be on grain-free food which is what I feed Lucy anyway but no matter what I tried – soaking the food in water, dry food, in a bowl, in a dish – nada.

So as we apparently like to do around here, we went back to the vet!



Snow White was a bit scared and timid; I had to physically lift her onto the scale (55.2 pounds!) and it took a while to coerce her into the exam room. Fortunately she is too cute for her own good and had plenty of attention from all the staff šŸ™‚

Oh, and she got some attention from a (large) fellow patient:

He was a whopping 160 pounds!

He was a whopping 160 pounds!

The vet kept her for a few hours so I could go back to work while they ran a few tests. The most notable thing they found out? Snow White is one picky, stubborn girl! Apparently she just didn’t like the food I have here because she ate the canned food they fed her! Lucy would eat dirt if I served it to her in a bowl – same with Cindy – so I just assumed the food I have at home tasted good to all dogs. I guess not good enough for Snow White!

She does have to be on grain-free food, even if it’s canned, which was the one negative because canned food is expensive! So what I tried last night was mixing a small bit of canned food with a scoop of dry food, adding a bit of water and mixing it all together – so far, so good!

Snow White also has a whopping four eye meds/products I have to put in every day in addition to an antibiotic (her white blood cell count was a teeny, tiny bit high) and a steroid to get her itchy skin under control.

As I always say, good thing she’s cute!!



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