Life Lately

We’ve had Snowy for three weeks already, which is hard to believe, and every day we’re seeing more and more of her personality come out.

I will always, always love Cindy; she was my first foster, the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and without a doubt I would have kept her if my finances had allowed. Snowy falls in a similar category except that she appears to be a slightly better fit with Lucy than Cindy was. Snowy is incredibly active and mobile; she loves going for walks, jumps all around the house with excitement and randomly breaks out in a run in the middle of our walks, of which we take many.

While Lucy and Snowy don’t actually play together a whole lot, Snowy’s physical nature makes it a bit easier to take the two of them out together. It’s actually easier to walk both of them together than Lucy by herself because Snowy’s love of walks encourages Lucy to walk more easily.

"Don't get used to it, Mom. The minute she's gone I'm back to boycotting walks."

“Don’t get used to it, Mom. The minute she’s gone I’m back to boycotting walks.”

Snowy has picked up on the routine around here and has started to mimic some of Lucy’s behaviors, like stealing my seat on the sofa.

"You snooze, you lose."

“You snooze, you lose.”

She’s also taken to checking out my laptop, just like Lucy:


I’ve finally been able to teach Snowy to sit when it’s time for treats – a command we worked very hard on! – and we’re slowly but surely getting her to understand the whole concept of doing her business outside.

Snowy has a follow-up vet appointment on Tuesday. Her eyes don’t produce tears and is currently on two medications to hopefully kick-start some tear production. The vet is going to re-check her tear production, or lack thereof, and I’m crossing my fingers we won’t need a follow up with a doggie ophthalmologist; the hope is she won’t need eye surgery as long as she shows signs of producing tears.

If she doesn’t need eye surgery, the only thing left is to schedule her spay and then I feel pretty confident she’ll be ready for adoption. If she does need eye surgery, we can probably do both surgeries at once, which is what we did with Lucy (along with a nose job and palette surgery…).

We’re having so much fun with Snowy; I’m so glad we agreed to foster her!

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