A Day of To-Do’s

There’s a new vacation policy at work: if you have over 160 hours come Jan. 31, 2014, you will lose the surplus hours and no one can accumulate over 160 hours again. Well, I have 240 hours, or just under four weeks. I never minded stockpiling the hours; after my mom’s stroke two-plus years ago, I always felt they provided a safety net of sorts if something were ever to happen again.

Well, not much I can about the policy change, nor is there a way I can possibly use up all the hours by Jan. 31. Working in athletics in a two-person office that covers 23 sports, I can’t just pick up and leave for a week at a time. But, I can take a day off here and there and that’s what I did this morning.

I had a massive to-do list that I got cracking on bright and early this morning. First up was a visit to Petsmart to get Lucy’s nails clipped.

Crazy eyes!

Crazy eyes!

I know she looks freaked out, but I walked in to pick her up and she was planted on the groomer’s lap getting snuggles. Spoiled doggy. She got a treat at checkout and another treat at the drive-up window at the bank. So, not a bad morning for little Lucy.

We got home and I promptly put Snowy in the car for her follow-up vet appointment.

"Get that camera out of my face."

“Get that camera out of my face.”

To recap: Snowy has three eye problems. 1: dry eye 2: entropian (her lower eyelashes curl in) 3: the itty bitty lashes on her upper eyelids may be rubbing a bit on her eyeball.

Step 1 was to get her eyes producing tears on their own. When we got her, she was already on drops whose purpose was to produce tears and we’ve diligently continued those drops. Her tear production in both eyes today? Zero and zero. Cue the sad music 😦

Surgery was always an option but the vet we saw today wants to try a new eyedrop. Surgery will mainly help the entropian and possibly start tear production but in reality she really needs to start producing tears on her own, so we’re trying the new drops with the hope they will force the production of tears. If she produces tears, it may alleviate a lot of her discomfort and surgery may not be needed.

So, we’ll be on new drops for a to-be-determined amount of time before reassessing.

One positive of today’s visit? Snowy lost a whopping five pounds in three weeks! She is now a svelte (ok, solid) 50 pounds on the dot!

Her large head is deceiving - she's a skinny-minnie!

Her large head is deceiving – she’s a skinny-minnie!

Now, I’m planted on the couch crossing another to-do off the list: homework, followed by another exciting to-do of cleaning the bathroom which will be followed by a chiropractor appointment. But at least I get to spend the day with the doggies!

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