At a Loss

Before I get into the main point of this post, a quick update on life with the doggies. Snowy is an absolute blast and is fitting right in, in large part because of Lucy.

A cute picture of Lucy, just because.

A cute picture of Lucy, just because.

Lucy is a tremendous foster sister; she shows her foster sisters the ropes, tries to get them to play and (sort of) willingly shares her toys.

Chewing Lucy's toy

Chewing Lucy’s toy

And she finally succeeded in her mission to get Snowy to snuggle!

Too cute for words

Too cute for words

If funds were unlimited I would, without a doubt, keep Snowy. Her high energy level fits right in with Lucy, she’s a sweetheart and has so easily adapted to our routine.

If we're in the kitchen cooking, they're in the kitchen.

If we’re in the kitchen cooking, they’re in the kitchen.

However, the one thing Lucy hasn’t seemed to be able to teach Snowy is to DO HER BUSINESS OUTSIDE. Don’t get me wrong, she does do her business outside but maybe 50% of the time. Here’s what I’ve been to figure out so far: Snowy may or may not go when I take the doggies out when I get up at 5 a.m. but she will go 99% of the time right after her breakfast at 6:30 (which I figured out after a few days of coming downstairs to poop and pee on the carpet after my shower).

So, now I take Snowy for a walk around the complex immediately after breakfast. Unfortunately, today I was out running during and after the doggies’ breakfast; Marty went upstairs to change while Snowy was still eating and came downstairs to poop on her bed. Sigh. So now we can’t even go upstairs during breakfast??

The other day I was so proud of her; we went out for our post-breakfast walk and she peed and pooped. I left for work at 8:30 and Marty came back from his bike ride at 9 a.m. to pee and poop on the carpet. Back to square one.

I’m at a total loss as to how to fix this. Actually, I’m not – I guess I have to crate her in the mornings. I just really don’t want to; she spent her entire life to this point in a crate and from the few times we’ve put her in it, she’s resisted, to say the least. But hey, on the bright side at least she’s stopped peeing on our couch (for now).

She’s such a perfect dog in every other way, I just don’t know how to get her house trained. She can obviously hold it as she routinely goes 12+ hours without peeing anywhere at all, there’s just something about the mornings.

We’ll keep working at it because I know she’s a smart dog. Hopefully this will be a blip on the radar soon!


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