I know it’s difficult to believe based on where Snowy came from, but she is truly the happiest dog I have ever met. It took her a few days with us to feel 100% comfortable, and she’s still quite nervous and edgy around most men, but her personality has come out in full force.

Every time I enter the living room – whether it’s after work, in the morning, after just walking in from the kitchen – Snowy breaks out her hoppy dance. She goes up on her hind legs and hops around. Usually I catch her front feet and we “dance.” It’s as cute as it sounds (well, she is at least. Me, not so much).

But perhaps my favorite quirk of hers is during our walks. I noticed it right when we first got her and it’s continued ever since. Every few minutes, she busts out in a gallop in the midst of our walk, totally unprompted. It’s like she can’t contain her joy at being outside for a walk! I can almost guarantee she never experienced a walk at the puppy mill and is probably just so happy to be outside with grass under her feet.

I will literally never get tired of watching her walk/run. It is both the cutest thing and saddest thing because she never experienced the joy of a walk before.

Another bonus to her love of walks? It gets Lucy to walk with a lot less resistance (although it would be hard to resist walks more than Lucy did). Once Snowy breaks out into her gallop, Lucy follows suit so by the time we get back, we have two tired doggies!



Two tired and happy doggies!

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