Big Girls Don’t Cry

Or can’t cry, in Snowy’s case.

Snowy had a follow-up vet appointment this morning.



As I mentioned before, she has three separate eye issues (all three in both eyes, of course): dry eye, entropian (her lower eyelashes curl in, obviously causing irritation) and distichia (teeny, tiny little hairs on her upper eyelids that may or may not be bothering her).

Step one was to get her producing tears. From my understanding, there is no surgery to produce tears; we were hopeful that starting a different kind of drop would start producing tears. At our last appointment, before we switched drops, Snowy was producing exactly zero tears and zero tears in each eye. Today she produced zero tears and maybe registered a 1-2 on the other eye (normal range is something like 16-20, I think).

Despite the little progress, there is still some progress so she’s going to stay on the drops, most likely for the rest her life; the vet said it can take months for the drops to have their full effect so we’ll keep plugging away. The entropian need to be operated on no matter what and Snowy still needs to be spayed, so it’s looking probable that we’ll schedule both surgeries in the near future.

"I stick my tongue out at surgery."

“I stick my tongue out at surgery.”

The distichia is something that my vet cannot do (they don’t have the equipment) and since we aren’t sure how much that issue is even bothering her, we’re going to hold off. If we feel she needs it after the entropian surgeries, she’ll either have it done while still being fostered or we’ll tell her future forever family that it’s an issue that may need to be taken care of.

I’m optimistic she won’t need the distichia surgeries; even now, before any surgeries on her eyes at all, you really can’t tell if she’s in any discomfort. She has to be – I mean, how painful does it sound to have your lower eyelashes curl inwards?? – but she shows zero signs of pain or discomfort.

She was such a trooper today. She’s not a huge fan of having people poke around her eyes and really hates having the tear test strips stuck in her corneas (duh, who wouldn’t hate that?), but she hung tough. She has lost another pound-plus, bringing her to 49 pounds and change and she definitely doesn’t need to lose any more weight – go Snowy!

"Told you I wasn't fat."

“Told you I wasn’t fat.”

She found the joy of the treat jar and had many visitors stop by our room to check on her. I just love her more and more each day. She has to have come from such horrendous conditions and while she’s still a little spooky in new situations, she’s been warming up quicker and quicker to people and strange places. She even placed her front paws on the vet tech’s knees so she could give her kisses.

Here’s to finally getting Snowy the vet care she needed!


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