This Should Never Have Happened

A quick rant.

S.N.O.R.T. recently had a male English bulldog, Grimmly Fiendish, surrendered to the group. Apparently his family’s home was ruined in Hurricane Sandy and had been forced to move to a new residence that did not allow dogs.

So their logical solution? Keep Grimmly inside the home that was unlivable for humans and check on him once a day.

Say what?

Yes, for the past year apparently this sweet boy was living all by his lonesome in an abandoned home not fit for human living. He developed fungus on his feet, sores on his legs and rear and only when his health “became a concern” to the family did they surrender him to S.N.O.R.T. The thought of him sitting alone day after day makes me simultaneously cry and feel sick to my stomach.

Unfortunately for Grimmly his family’s humane decision came too late and he passed away today from a variety of issues.

How can people do this? People ask me all the time why we didn’t keep Cindy and why we aren’t planning on keeping Snowy (although I desperately want to) and it’s because we’re not 100% sure we can financially provide for two dogs. It’s not fair to the dog, simple as that. And I would have the same answer if I didn’t think I could devote enough care or attention to my dog or dogs.

This story (obviously) makes me so angry and so, so sad. Just look at his sweet, happy face.


At least he had a warm home and love for his final few days.


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