Happy Howl-o-Ween

I know, I know, corny title. But it’s Halloween and despite the cruddy weather, we’ve had a festive day around here! I will preface this by saying yes, I am fully, 100%, completely aware the dogs have less than zero clue what is going on and that I am treating them like tiny humans but any reason to make a day extra special – especially a random Thursday – and I’m all for it.

It started with giving the doggies their Halloween toys:

Toys and treats

Toys and treats

Not so patiently waiting for toys

Not so patiently waiting for toys

Lucy got Charlie Brown:


And Snowy got Tweety Bird:


This afternoon I gave them their special Halloween treats…



And then I put their jerseys on:

Extremely less than thrilled

Extremely less than thrilled


And we made a visit to our vet to get pictures taken (and free doggie water bottles for showing up in “costume”) and made a pit stop at track practice to visit Marty and the team.

Not bad for a rainy Halloween!


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