Knock on Wood

This little stinker:


Might, might be getting the hang of this housetraining thing. For roughly the past two weeks, we’ve made some significant progress with Snowy. First, she’s going more often when she’s outside. What I mean by that is we used to take her out every time we took Lucy out but only very rarely would Snowy do her business; most of the time she’d just stand there licking grass. Now, however, almost every time we take her out she actually does something.

Second, we have had FAR fewer accidents in the house. We went about an entire week late last month without a single accident. I didn’t post about it because I didn’t want to jinx anything although that ended being for naught because, for some reason, she started using the carpet as her own personal bathroom again for a few days early last week. But, since this past weekend, we’re back on a streak of no accidents.

Don’t ask me what’s caused the turnaround and if you check back in a week we might very well be back at square one, but compared to the first weeks that we had her, there are definite signs of progress.

Hey, are you writing about my bathroom habits again??

Hey, are you writing about my bathroom habits again??

We desperately need to get her 100% housetrained because the holidays are right around the corner and if we’re going to visit family she needs to be housetrained or we’ll be spending the holidays by our lonesome!

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