Go SU!

Exactly one year later and Lucy has again resumed her role of good luck charm for the Susquehanna men’s soccer team but this year she has a new sidekick!

She was happier once she got to the field!

She was happier once she got to the field!

Our men’s soccer team is again in the playoffs and will have hosted two playoff games by the time the weekend ends. Last year the soccer team did not lose at home in the postseason (four games in total, including two NCAA games) and guess who just happened to attend all four games? That’s right, Lucy!

Last night SU hosted a semifinal game and along with Lucy, Snowy made her first-ever SU soccer match appearance. Since my job requires me to work home games, I wasn’t able to spend the game with Marty and the dogs but told Marty that if handling two dogs in the crowd was too much I would take one of the dogs into the pressbox. Well I’m happy to report Lucy and Snowy were perfect spectators!

I visited them during halftime and they were having a blast! They were getting so much attention – they were dressed in their SU jerseys so they looked particularly adorable! – and were being very well-behaved despite the large, rowdy crowd.

I’m pretty sure they stayed for almost the entire game and were feeling it this morning:

Snowy likes to sleep sitting up.

Snowy likes to sleep sitting up.

We host the championship match on Saturday night which promises to be even more crowded and hectic than Thursday’s game, but Marty says he plans on taking the dogs. If he doesn’t and they lose, it proves Lucy (and Snowy) is indeed a good luck charm!

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