Spa Day

Ok, the title is 100% misleading. The “spa” was Petsmart and it was more like 20 minutes than a day. But, earlier this week, I took the doggies to Petsmart for some nail trimming.

Lucy I knew wouldn’t be any problem. She’s had her nails ground down at least four or five times and while I wouldn’t say she loves it, she certainly soaks up the attention and treats she gets from the staff afterwards.

I took Snowy along for the trip figuring that it wouldn’t hurt to try and get her nails filed down. I figured worst case was that if she freaked out, no harm no foul. The pads of her paws are very puffy and swollen (thank you, puppy mill) and so it takes her nails a very long time to grow long enough to really touch the ground. But, she hadn’t had them filed down since we got her so I thought we’d give it a shot.


She kind of had to be (gently) dragged along the floor but they did get her to the table and heaved her up there. Of course, she was facing the wrong way (but apparently really liked looking at herself in the mirror!) but they turned her around and got to work.

The staff said she was very good and she definitely was, but I think honestly she was too scared to put up any sort of a fight. That’s very common with puppy mill dogs or dogs that have been abused; they “pancake,” or flatten themselves onto the ground and almost seem to go inside themselves and ignore everything around them. While Snowy certainly didn’t go that far, I do think she was too nervous and confused to fight the process.

Good news is, though, she got her nails cut and she (and Lucy) got lots of treats afterwards.

All in all, I was very proud of her. She’s going to have to have her nails filed down every few months so I’m glad the experience went as smoothly as I could have asked!


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