I’m a Horrible Puppy Parent

Boy do I feel like crap tonight.

So, Snowy is in heat. At least, I’m 99.9% sure she’s in heat. It’s not nearly as…messy (yet) as I’d imagined it would be but because the holidays are coming up and we’re traveling to visit with our families, we cannot have any messes. Therefore, we’re getting some cute little undies for Snowy from S.N.O.R.T. I’m partial to the Aloha pair in red even though they’re not exactly season-appropriate 🙂

Anyway, in order for S.N.O.R.T. to order them I had to measure Snowy’s back because that’s the longest/largest part they have to fit. When I got home today, I pulled the tape measure out of the junk drawer, walked into the living room and Snowy proceeded to flip the heck out. She was absolutely petrified. She ran away from me and all the way upstairs. I felt like utter crud.

The evil tape measure

The evil tape measure

I dropped the tape measure and ran upstairs and she was literally cowering next to my bed. She was panting and so, so frightened. So then I felt like something worse than crud. I obviously had no idea a tape measure would cause her to be so frightened but I feel horribly. I sat with upstairs with her for five minutes calming her down and eventually she followed me back downstairs where Lucy promptly gave her kisses on her ear and seemed very concerned.

Now Snowy’s just lying on the floor. 😦

Sad Snowy

Sad Snowy

Snowy is normally so well-adjusted it’s easy to forget that we really don’t know the conditions from which she came. She was neglected, obviously, and while I like to think (or pray) she didn’t suffer physical abuse, after events like this evening I’m not so sure.


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