The Forgotten Dog

Who could actually forget this face?

"I'm nothing to you anymore."

“I’m nothing to you anymore.”

With all the Snowy talk over the past three months, it might seem like Lucy isn’t get her fair share of attention but that isn’t the case at all! Lucy is still our number one and every day I am so thankful we made her ours. She is such a fun doggie and I know I can’t imagine life without her around!

Snowy is full of issues (eyes, housetraining, etc.) so she gets more mention on the blog right now than Lucy but Lucy still gets more than enough attention from us.

In fact, she’s helping me write this very blog post…

"Type a little faster there, Mom."

“Type a little faster there, Mom.”

She has (again) been an absolutely tremendous foster sister. While she hasn’t quite been able to get Snowy to understand she’s supposed to do her business outside, Lucy clearly loves having Snowy around. Snowy doesn’t really get “play time” in that she won’t really play with Lucy but Lucy won the battle to get Snowy to cuddle with her barely two weeks into Snowy’s stay with us.

The night that I scarred Snowy by bringing out the measuring tape, Lucy was the first to comfort her with ear kisses after I managed to coax Snowy back downstairs.

I try not to think about it but I’m pretty sure Snowy’s future adoption will hit Lucy hard. Snowy’s energy level is almost as high as Lucy’s and they get along really, really well. It also looks like we’ll have Snowy for as long as we had Cindy (now Nellie) – six months or so – and obviously Lucy has grown attached (as have Marty and I).

But long after Snowy is gone we’ll still have Lucy and she is the best bullie I could have asked for. She’s a weird one but a bundle of cute fun and there’s not a day that goes by that I regret adding her to our home!



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