Didn’t See This One Coming

Today I woke up and had no idea I’d soon be spending the morning at the vet.

A very sick Lucy.

Within five minutes of Lucy eating her breakfast, it (and some nasty-looking foreign object) came right back up. I figured no big deal – she’d eaten something she wasn’t supposed to, it came back up and that was the end of it.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Five minutes later she puked again. Drank water. Puked again. Went outside and ate grass. Puked again. Then she got the shakes. Clearly whatever had exited her little tummy was still making her sick. One panicked phone call to the vet later and we were on our way to get her checked out.

Several hundred dollars, multiple xrays and two meds later and I think she’s ok. The vet agreed she showed the classic signs of an obstruction so they took her back for xrays. The xrays (thankfully) didn’t show anything but as the vet explained to me, oftentimes a non-metal object can be difficult to detect through xray, especially if it has been recently swallowed. Our vet felt pretty confident that Lucy didn’t have anything stuck but we won’t really know until roughly 24 hours have passed. If Lucy can keep a bland diet down (rice and chicken) tonight (and for the next three days), then it looks like the xray is accurate.

She was given an anti-vomit injection so if we feed her tonight and she starts to vomit again, we’ll be making a trip to the emergency clinic because this injection is supposed to work really, really well. Obviously, then, if she does puke again, something is still wrong. Lucy also came home with probiotics to get her system working properly again.

So pathetic :-(

So pathetic šŸ˜¦

Let me tell you it was one scary and stressful morning! I had to bail out of an early-morning department meeting to rush Lucy to the vet and my whole morning routine went out the window – I’m lucky I even remembered to eat breakfast! Lucy and I got home around 8:45, I went to work a little after nine, Marty watched her until a little after 10 and I checked on her at lunch. No more puke, from what I can tell, but I do have a very, very sleepy and sick puppy on my hands.

Lunchtime snuggles

Lunchtime snuggles


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