Tis the Season

After last night’s women’s basketball game, I officially have no more home athletic events until January 6 which means…I get to have a life for a few weeks!

This afternoon I used my first free evening to (mostly) finish up Christmas shopping with Marty. We then decided to be super productive and wrap all of our gifts, minus the ones to each other. While you’d never know it based on her ability to be in the exact wrong spot at the exact wrong time, Lucy has been through the gift wrapping process before. Snowy, however, has never experienced a real Christmas.

She made that very evident with her idea of “helping” us wrap gifts:

She likes to stand only in the boxes I'm attempting to wrap.

She likes to stand only in the boxes I’m attempting to wrap.

You can see in the background of that picture Lucy was just as helpful.

After all was said and done, though, we finished with a large pile of neatly wrapped gifts for family and friends.


This afternoon we also finished up buying a few small things for Lucy and Snowy’s stockings. I’m not going to get into it, but Snowy has me at my wits end because we just can’t get her housetrained; instead I’m going to focus on the fact that this is her first real Christmas and I’m making sure it will be extra special for her.

PS – I will apologize in advance to all family and friends who find dog hair mixed in with their gifts. Lucy and Snowy wanted to give you pieces of themselves this holiday season.


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