Welcoming in the New Year…

…with something less than a bang.

Still recovering from our holiday travels.

Still recovering from our holiday travels.

Marty and I got back to Pennsylvania on Dec. 29 and all of us (dogs most especially!) spent the next few days doing pretty much nothing! After spending no more than two full days at any one place for a full week, we were all more than ready to be bums.

Already laying claim to MY new blanket.

Already laying claim to MY new blanket.

Perfecting her "bum" status.

Perfecting her “bum” status.

On New Year’s Eve we rallied to visit a friend’s house for a few hours but didn’t make it until midnight. In fact, I was home and in bed by 11:30 or so. Practically an all-nighter for this old lady! We left Snowy alone for just the third time in well over a week and came home to a clean house, meaning I wasn’t spending the last minutes of 2013 cleaning up crap. Literally.

And with the New Year comes resolutions. Since this is a bulldog blog, I’ll limit myself to just dog-related resolutions in this space:

1. Find Snowy her perfect forever home
2. Budget money so we can juggle Lucy, her constant vet visits and any other potential future fosters
3. Continue to work on my patience when it comes to Lucy and her stubbornness
4. Take the dog(s) for at least six walks a week; we all need to watch our weight and Lucy always has energy to burn off!

The dogs’ resolutions? Eat more, sleep more and play more. They’re working on the sleep part as I type this!

Happy New Year!


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