Soaking It All In

It won’t be that much longer until we’re back to a family of three as Snowy is officially up for adoption.

I am absolutely dreading when her adoption becomes final, purely for selfish reasons. I adore her! However, I also know she is going to make an absolutely fabulous pet for the right family. She is one of the sweetest, quirkiest bullies I’ve ever met – second maybe only to Lucy. She is fun, active, sweet, funny and without a doubt one resilient, stubborn girl.

As with Cindy, I’m very nervous about how Lucy will handle Snowy’s departure. I know she is going to miss her tons. While they don’t really play together, they’ve spent just about every day of the last 4 1/2 months together.

I think I'll be doing a lot of this when Snowy leaves.

I think I’ll be doing a lot of this when Snowy leaves.

Lucy is used to going out with another dog, walking with another dog and sharing the couch with another dog. Of course Lucy will rebound eventually and things will remain pretty normal around here when Snowy leaves – work, lunch break, work, bum time, sleep.

I honestly do not know how much longer we’ll have Snowy but I imagine it would be until at least next Thursday as she has a follow-up at my vet here to get her sutures out and examine the surgery sites.

And how is the patient doing? Absolutely great!

One set of stitches.

One set of stitches.

Besides the semi-unsightly stitches beneath both eyes, you would never know she had surgery less than a week ago. Her tummy stitches look fabulous and her energy is back to where it was before surgery. She hops around the apartment and goes outside with no issues although I try my best to limit her running, which isn’t easy! We keep the cone on her when she’s alone but when we’re home with her, we keep it off and she doesn’t touch her stitches at all.

All in all, she’s an exemplary patient and healing very well, making us one step closer to her being 100% ready to leave us. 😦


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