The Waiting Game

Thursday and Friday cannot get here soon enough. I will be taking Thursday afternoon off from work to drive Snowy about an hour and fifteen minutes northeast for two consults before leaving her there for surgery early Friday morning.

Snowy will see both an internist (for an ultrasound) and the actual surgeon who will perform Friday’s surgery. I’ve met the surgeon before as he did Lucy’s surgeries and I adore him. He is friendly, honest and – most importantly – very clear about what he’s doing, why, what to expect, etc. He has at least one French bulldog if I remember correctly so he and his wife (the internist who will do the ultrasound) are very familiar with smoosh-faced dogs. Not that it makes much of a difference with this particular surgery, but it’s still a nice bond to have. 🙂

"Who are you calling smoosh face?"

“Who are you calling smoosh face?”

As I mentioned before, so much is unknown at this point. The initial ultrasound indicates that Snowy’s tumor(s) are in a “good” spot in that they can be operated on. From what my vet told me, most bladder tumors cannot be surgically removed because they are often adjacent to vital organs and other internal plumbing parts (my phrase, not the vet’s!). Snowy’s appear as if they are smack dab in the middle of her bladder which is, all things considered, good news.

However, do yourself a favor and do not consult Dr. Google in the case of medical questions. Nothing I read about bladder cancer (TCC) in dogs is positive and I’ll leave it at that.

"Tell Dr. Google I'm fine."

“Tell Dr. Google I’m fine.”

I guess I’m most anxious not about the surgery itself (although that is certainly nerve-wracking) but more about what I can expect post-surgery. Will it remove the tumors? Will they only remove part of the tumors? And the elephant in the room – what is her life expectancy after surgery (pending what they are able to do)?

That’s the biggest question rattling around in my head for a lot of reasons. She was thisclose to being adopted and her adoptive family is still very interested despite this setback. Thus, for their sake and Snowy’s, I want surgery to be a magic fix and cure her of cancer. However, there are so many other scenarios that are not so good and some that are a mix of good and bad.

I’m not a patient person; I know I am incredibly fortunate that only one week will elapse between Snowy’s diagnosis and her surgery but it feels like an eternity. As I’ve said to everyone who has asked me how both Snowy and I are doing, though, it has been immeasurably easier due to the fact that Snowy is still Snowy. She has the same energy level, the same appetite and the same behavior as she did when we first got her back in September. If Snowy were acting sick I cannot imagine how long this week would feel as it’s already dragging.

Chomping away as usual.

Chomping away as usual.

Send healing thoughts Snowy’s way.


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