The Very Best News

I have never left a vet’s office so happy in my entire life.

Snowy hid her happiness quite well.

Snowy hid her happiness quite well.

I took Snowy to the vet today and fully expected to leave her there for surgery tomorrow morning to remove the tumors in her bladder. However, after a very in-depth ultrasound, the vet gave me better news than I had even allowed myself to think about – there was no cancer!

That’s right, the “tumors” we saw in last week’s ultrasound had disappeared!

Now, before you start thinking my local vet is an idiot, Snowy’s ultrasound last week did show obvious shadowing that was not present on any of today’s ultrasounds. So what happened?

They gave her a (sparkly!!) Valentine's Day bandana for being such a good dog.

They gave her a (sparkly!!) Valentine’s Day bandana for being such a good dog.

The internist we saw is very certain that the shadowing/blobs in last week’s ultrasound were blood clots stemming from her back-to-back UTIs. She believes this current dose of antibiotics forced the blood clots to dissolve, hence today’s clear ultrasound images.

Just a dog and an empty waiting room.

Just a dog and an empty waiting room.

So the next step is to finish up this current dosage of antibiotics and then re-test her urine to make sure the UTI is gone and to take another ultrasound to be sure there are no more clots. If the UTI is still not resolved, then we just have to get a more detailed urine analysis to figure out exactly what strain of infection we’re dealing with and what antibiotic will clear it up as she will have then proven she’s resistant to this particular antibiotic.

I honestly never expected such great news and her future adoptive family – whom I called the minute I walked in the door tonight! – is so, so ecstatic. We just have to wait 10-14 days to make sure she’s free of this UTI and then she will be ready to meet her forever family!

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