Family Time

On Saturday afternoon, my parents drove in from New Jersey for an overnight visit out here in Selinsgrove.

Sunday breakfast at their hotel.

Sunday breakfast at their hotel.

Marty unfortunately left around noon for a track meet in New York City and was gone by the time my parents arrived. However, that gave Lucy time to prepare for my dad’s visit.

Mentally preparing

Mentally preparing

Yes, she’s still beyond weird about my dad. She does slightly better on her own “turf” and let him pet her a whopping two times, but that’s better than normal. Again, we cannot figure out for the life of us why she’s scared of my dad. It remains a mystery to which only Lucy can solve.

Saturday was a nice day (meaning above 40) so I took Lucy for a nice long walk with my parents. This was the aftermath:


Very clearly out of shape.

The walk, combined with the apparent stress of my dad’s presence and the loss of an hour of sleep last night meant I woke up to a very sleepy dog this morning.

She did not want to be awake. Or photographed.

She did not want to be awake.

My parents stopped by after breakfast and while Lucy let my dad pet her goodbye, she mostly maintained a very safe distance.

"I still don't trust him."

“I still don’t trust him.”

All in all, a fabulous weekend for me and Lucy. It was finally above freezing, I got plenty of relaxing in and I got to see my parents for probably the last time until our spring semester is over. I don’t like being so far from my family in New Jersey but it does make these weekend visits extra special.


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