Entering New Territory

If things go according to plan, it looks like we will be entering the unknown next weekend as we are going to welcome a new foster, Buddy the PUG! Yes, this self-proclaimed bulldog snob is (probably) going to be fostering this sweet face:



I hate to say it’s definite until we actually have him in our home but this sweet guy was found wandering a Long Island neighborhood after one of the February snow storms. A nice family took him in but reached out to S.N.O.R.T. to find a more permanent foster home (which I’m aware is an oxymoron, but you get the point).

It appears as if Buddy has some health issues we’ll need to address and clear up. He likely needs dental work, definitely needs to be neutered (thank goodness Lucy is spayed!) and apparently has some issues with part of his trachea and/or soft palette; from what we’ve been told, he has a bit of a hard time keeping food down because he tends to cough/hack it up. Doesn’t sound like vomiting is the issue as much as it seems like something structural in his trachea or palette. Lucy had surgery on her elongated soft palette (although she had always kept food down no problem) so if that’s the issue it should be a simple surgery; she was back to eating regular food the day we picked her up.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, as usual, since we don’t even have him yet! The good news is he’s housetrained (hallelujah!), loves people and gets along with all dogs. There is a video of him walking and he seems very mobile and walks well on the leash so it’ll be great to get him and Lucy out in the nice weather which has to arrive in Central PA at some point.

I’m crossing my fingers it works out since he seems like he’d be a really fun (temporary!) addition. Plus he’s adorable. 🙂

Of course I’m nervous and anxious because that’s what I do best; we’ve never had a pug or a male dog (I even grew up with all female dogs) but from what we can gather he seems like a very, very sweet and cuddly dog. It will, of course, be yet another change for Little Lucy but she seems to love having a second dog around. I was hesitant to foster in the spring because if he needs to stay with us through even the early part of summer we have a few travel plans already set but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!


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