Meet Buddy

This afternoon I picked up our new foster, Buddy the Pug. He is very, very cute.


And very, very clingy. I spent most of the ride home making sure he didn’t climb into my lap.

I was given a few sheets of info on Buddy from his previous family. The family that surrendered him to S.N.O.R.T. found him wandering the streets of Long Island. He had a microchip and the family was able to track down his original breeder who then put them in touch with the couple to which he had sold buddy.

Apparently the couple divorced after having Buddy for four years and gave him to a man who promised to use Buddy as a stud on rare occasion and to mostly give Buddy the life of a family pet. Apparently that didn’t happen and Buddy was repeatedly used as a stud until he got loose in the streets. While the family that found him would have loved to keep him, he has some health issues that need to be addressed.



He needs to be neutered (easy enough), he needs to have his right eye checked out (looks like he might have a small ulcer) and he needs to get his trachea looked at it. It is thought he might have a collapsing trachea that gives him occasional coughing fits. While surgery may be an option, there are ways to manage that condition with medications to alleviate the coughing. We’ll find out more once I get another opinion from my vet.

Squaring off over the laptop.

Squaring off over the laptop.

His previous family also said he had really, really bad teeth when he came in and the smell emanating from him may very well be his breath (although he was given a bath within five minutes of arrival!) so I’ll have the vet look closely at his teeth, as well – he’ll probably need several (or many) removed.

I must say, it’s very strange having a non-bulldog MALE dog in the house! I think it’s going to take time for everyone to settle into a routine and while he sure is cute, Lucy’s verdict is still up in the air.

"I'm less than thrilled, Mom."

“I’m less than thrilled, Mom.”

Because change makes me anxious (another topic for another blog entirely), I think everyone is a bit edgy but so far so good. As I type this Lucy is currently nuzzling her face on my left side and Buddy is pressed against my ride leg snoring away while Marty is out running errands.

More updates to come!


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