Buddy Goes to the Vet

Late this morning I took Buddy to the vet to get him looked at to figure out a course of action.



He was a hit, to say the least! Everyone loved him but that was expected; he’s a cutie!

He spent the entire time we were waiting just hanging by the door.

He spent the entire time we were waiting just hanging by the door.

So, we learned a lot at the vet! Here’s the rundown:
– His right eye is likely just about blind. Due to cataracts and an ulcer that left behind some scarring, he may detect light/dark. But, it’s not bothering him in regards to pain so his eye is what it is at this point.

– His teeth are a disaster! I pretty much knew that heading into the appointment but our vet confirmed it – he is going to need a lot of work. When he goes under to get neutered he will also have a LOT of dental work done! No idea at this point how many teeth will have to be moved but it is very likely to be teeth, plural!

– He has ear mites so he’s on drops for 14 days. No big deal.

– So, on to his trachea! His coughing is not great but really not bad, or at least not as bad as I was expecting. Here’s what my vet told me – extreme cases of collapsing trachea mean dogs often cannot walk even short distances without coughing. That’s certainly not Buddy as he led our walk this evening! Now, we’ve only had him for 48 hours so we do want to see how his coughing seems over the next few days but honestly at this point surgery is riskier than any coughing he has. His food stays down, he’s able to take walks and his coughing fits only last for 4-5 coughs and then he’s back to himself!

I have a few blood test results to track down before any surgery is scheduled so in the meantime I’ll be watching (and listening to) Buddy like a hawk to get a sense of his coughing but honestly trachea surgery on a smoosh-faced dog who is (almost) seven is something our vet would like to avoid and thinks we can.

After the vet visit, I gave Lucy her daily peanut butter Kong and Buddy looked so dissatisfied at his own treat that I offered a teeny spoon of PB. It went over very well, to say the least, even though it didn’t all exactly make it in his mouth. 🙂

"Do I have something on my lower lip?"

“Do I have something on my lower lip?”


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