Life with Buddy

We’ve had Buddy for just over a week now and just like with any foster we’ve developed a routine of sorts.

First things first – Buddy is not a morning dog.


I’m very used to dogs going outside first thing in the morning and then scarfing down breakfast. Not Buddy. He prefers to wait at least an hour before going out and taking a little walk around our apartment complex before breakfast. I’m still not used to a dog who isn’t begging for food the minute I wake up.

He is very much the cuddler; I know he’d prefer someone who stayed home all day so I’ll definitely look for that in his forever home.

Marty's lap is prime territory for both dogs.

Marty’s lap is prime territory for both dogs.

So far his coughing has been very manageable. He really only has coughing fits when he gets excited so I try to be sure to keep things calm. We can probably schedule his dental and neuter surgery for next week but we are still waiting on his xray from his previous vet so my vet here can take a second look at his trachea on the xrays.

Buddy also loves being comfortable, to the point where this is where I find him every morning after my shower:

It's my bed but it's Buddy's world.

It’s my bed but it’s Buddy’s world.

And how is Lucy doing? I think she’s doing ok. This has definitely been an adjustment; Buddy can’t really play and isn’t as big of a snuggler as Lucy would like, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t trying.


She’s been kind of weird lately but that’s probably just par for the course. She’s not a normal dog. Perhaps this long winter is getting to her, too.

Either way things are good. The dogs don’t not get along, if that makes any sense, and Buddy is the sweetest thing. I’m looking forward to his surgery as his teeth are the cause of some toxic breath and I know they have to be causing him pain.

Hopefully I’ll have an update soon on Buddy’s upcoming surgery!


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