Buddy’s Home!

Bright and early this morning I dropped Buddy off at the vet to get neutered and have dental surgery.

"There better be a good reason I didn't get breakfast."

“There better be a good reason I didn’t get breakfast.”

The vet tech said they wouldn’t really know the extent of his dental surgery until he was put under and they were able to take xrays. So, I left Buddy in their care while I waited for an update.

"You're coming back, right?"

“You’re coming back, right?”

A few hours later the vet called and said he would have about 10 teeth removed and that since he’d responded so well to anesthesia to that point they were also going to remove about 4-6 roots from previously broken-off teeth. Once he was out of surgery they called back a second time and said he was doing well and recovering in ICU and there was no reason I couldn’t pick him up at six so I did just that!

At least he has a soft cone!

At least he has a soft cone!

We’re now back at home (obviously) and he’s doing well. He’s on pain killers and anti-inflammatories and will be on soft food for 4-5 days. We have a re-check in 10 days to get his sutures out and to make sure his mouth is still looking good. Right now he’s sleeping at my feet as we speak and the vet said he should feel back to normal tomorrow.

Given the amount of teeth he had to have removed (in addition to the six he was already missing), he has to have been in pain or at least some discomfort but you really wouldn’t have known because he is such a happy dog. That being said, I’m anxious to see how his personality changes now that he’s not in as much pain and discomfort. For now though, I’m just glad he’s back at home and resting comfortably!


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