Professional Development

I know, two posts in as many days; that’s what the end of the spring sports season will do! Except this post still has a tiny connection to work. See, for the past four years I’ve been accruing professional development money. With budgets increasingly tight, I know that my office is going to have to provide more and more action shots for our sports teams than ever before, in addition to headshots and team shots. So, I thought I’d enroll in an online digital photography course.

And guess who my practice subjects will be?

"Just don't make us move, Mom."

“Just don’t make us move, Mom.”

I have a LOT to learn but it’s been interesting experimenting in shooting outside the auto mode.



She got bored quickly.

She got bored quickly.

I need to pick a more scenic background next time but I hope to get lots of practice in this weekend seeing as it’s supposed to be nice the rest of the weekend.

"It's hard being me."

“It’s hard being me.”


My Walking Buddy

I wouldn’t trade Lucy for anything the world. I love her to pieces. But one constant source of aggravation (at least for me) is that she will not walk. I have to carry treats to bribe her around the block, which at least partially defeats the purpose of a walk. And I’m all for stopping and smelling the roses but Lucy takes that to a whole new level. She stops, sniffs and then…just stands there. Usually with a look of defiance in her eyes, just daring me to make her walk another step.

A bag of treats with a side of Lucy...must mean walk time!

A bag of treats with a side of Lucy…must mean walk time!

The whole process is about as much fun as it sounds. I still take her for walks because she needs them but they’re not exactly stress-reducing.

Buddy, on the other hand, is a treat to walk!

Rocking his Lafayette College leash.

Rocking his Lafayette College leash.

Buddy would walk all day if possible. As it is we go for one long walk every morning and usually at least another short walk in the evening.

He only stops to pee and stare at squirrels/bunnies.

He only stops to pee and stare at squirrels/bunnies.

He is such a fast walker! You can see how much he loves going for his walks and he’s so easy to walk. He trots along and only stops to pee (which is quite often), stare at animals and poo. Other than that we’re constantly on the move. While walking in winter months isn’t exactly fun, he’s at least easy to walk and the weather lately has been absolutely perfect!

I actually think he was peeing here. The only time he stopped long enough to get his picture taken!

I actually think he was peeing here. The only time he stopped long enough to get his picture taken!

Buddy is still looking for his forever home; I thought maybe we were close but nothing definite yet. One thing that is definite – Buddy needs a home in a neighborhood conducive to walks and humans willing to walk him!

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

While this is a bulldog (and for the moment pug) blog, my brain is fried. The spring sports season is almost over (soooo close) and I can barely string two sentences together, let alone a “real” blog post.

On a blog I routinely read, the author, Presley, did a “Favorites” survey so I’m going to steal the survey for some new content and maybe even provide some new information for my (minimal) readers!

Name Your Favorite…

Person – My parents. Yup, I’m cheating already because that’s more than one person.


Color – Red.

Food – Anyone who knows me has already answered that question – chocolate.

Smell – Chocolate.

Book Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise.

Movie – Clue. Robin Hood Men in Tights. Pretty Woman. Sophisticated taste, I know.


Time of day – Wine time. And bed time. Sometimes the latter directly follows the former.

Day of the week – If I don’t have to work, then definitely Saturday. But since I almost always have to work on Saturdays, then Sundays are my favorite.

Thing to do when bored – Read. Write. Do puzzles. I’m 80.

Celebrity – Derek Jeter. Still convinced I will marry him.


Drink – Wine. See above.

TV show – 24. Modern Family. 24 is literally the only show I will stay up to watch (yay for the mini-series this spring!) while Modern Family reruns are the highlight of my nights.

Fruit – Cantaloupe. Raspberries.

Vegetable – I hate vegetables, but I guess carrots.

Store/shop – Barnes & Noble.

Workout – Insanity and P90x are tied; Insanity on days I’m in a time crunch because it combines strength and cardio. I do regularly run but it’s fun maybe 0.0001% of the time.

Quote – “This too shall pass.”

Boy’s name – Well, I don’t have kids and will not be having kids in the near future. Thus, since this is a dog blog, my favorite boy dog name is Toby or Max. Buddy is a good name, too. 😉

My favorite Buddy.

My favorite Buddy.

Girl’s name – Lucy 🙂

lucy 11 months

Potato chip flavor – Salt & Vinegar. My best friend I ate these ALL. THE. TIME. in high school.

Meal of the day – Dinner because it’s usually served with wine 🙂

Ice cream flavor – Chocolate.

ice cream

Season – Summer but only because I have regular working hours over the summer months. Weather-wise summer is not my favorite (hello, humidity), but my free time in summer overrides the weather to make it my favorite season.

Dessert – Chocolate.

Lifehack – Ah, I don’t have any? I like to do things the hard way?

Hopefully I’ll have time for more posts now that summer is just around the corner!

We Survived

Lucy, Buddy, myself and my parents all survived our road trip to New Jersey this past weekend! I left Pennsylvania around lunchtime on Friday and arrived at my parents’ house around mid-afternoon.

The doggies got to spend plenty of time with my parents and brother while we were there. My mom adored Buddy and for the most part he was an excellent house guest; no 3 a.m. wake-up calls and plenty of walks.

Buddy's sexy pose.

Buddy’s sexy pose.

On Saturday morning, I left around 11 a.m. for our 3 p.m. women’s lacrosse game at TCNJ. The game should have been about 90 minutes long and I figured I’d be home between 6:30 and 7. Hahaha. Wishful thinking. We had two weather delays totaling 90 minutes and I didn’t get home until 8 p.m. That meant my parents had to watch both dogs for nine hours but I’m happy to say the dogs did great! No issues at all.

Sunday morning I got up, worked out, my mom and I walked the dogs, she opened her Mother’s Day gifts and then I packed up the car to head back home.

While Buddy protested his confinement to the cage again, I could tell both doggies were tired. I don’t think Lucy moved from the minute we got home until dinner time and she was still tired this morning. Buddy was only slightly less energetic than normal 🙂

Lucy for the past 24 hours.

Lucy for the past 24 hours.

All in all, a great trip. My parents got to meet Buddy and while my mom decided she’d adopt Buddy in a heartbeat, my dad…not so much. Even though Buddy took a particular liking to my dad, I think that’s because of the bits of tuna fish and London broil he was snuck 😉

The only reason I couldn’t convince my dad to adopt Buddy is because my parents aren’t really 100% serious at this point in adopting a dog but Buddy was a perfect gentleman this weekend. My dad had him off-leash while he was doing yard work and Buddy showed zero inclination to wander further than he should have. He really just wants to be near people and I’m very anxious to find his forever home.

Watching, really.

Watching TV…no, really.

While it was quite the production to travel by myself with two dogs it ended up being a wonderful weekend!

I May Regret This

For a bunch of reasons, I had to pack up both dogs to travel to my parents’ house in New Jersey for a combined work/Mother’s Day trip. Our lacrosse team is playing at TCNJ in a NCAA Tournament game and normally when I combine work/personal travel I don’t like to bring the dogs but I didn’t have much of a choice this time as Marty has a meet in Virginia today (Friday) and a wedding in Princeton on Saturday.

So, since the dogs obviously couldn’t be left on their own while Marty and I both traveled, they made the trip to N.J. Whether we all survive to make the trip back to PA remains in question.

"I know you're writing about me."

“I know you’re writing about me.”

I’ve been spoiled; Lucy, Cindy and Snowy were all wonderful travelers. Literally not a peep out of any of them. Buddy, not so much. I had to put him in a crate in my car because otherwise he’d spend the 2 1/2 hour drive trying to make his way onto my lap. Not exactly safe. He wasn’t a fan (at all) of being crated so every 20 minutes or so he voiced his displeasure.

But, we made it.

"Did he really have to come?"

“Did he really have to come?”

So far the biggest challenges will be keeping Buddy off the couch and from waking up the entire house at 3 a.m. when he’s bored and barking.

"I'm so cute, though."

“I’m so cute, though.”

My mom and I took the dogs on a very long walk this afternoon in hopes of tiring them out. The walk seems to have only exhausted an out-of-shape Lucy, though.

"Just try and make me take another walk."

“Just try and make me take another walk.”

As long as we get through tonight with no early wake-up calls from Buddy I think the trip will go fine. My parents will have to watch the doggies while I’m at the lacrosse game for most of the day tomorrow but Buddy has fallen in love with my mom so hopefully all four (Lucy, Buddy and my parents) survive until I’m back from the game.

Wish us luck!

Long Time No Blog

I’ve been a horrible blogger. It’s not that there’s nothing to write about – it’s that there’s no time to write about it! Marty and I both work in college athletics and we’re hitting postseason time for spring athletic teams so that means little free time for either of us. Fortunately we live only a mile from work and have help with the doggies when we need it.

Anyway, today I took Buddy to the vet after work to get his sutures out and to do a quick re-check on his teeth. In further proof I am losing my mind, I forgot both my camera and my phone at home so I didn’t get any pictures of his face while they were taking out the sutures from his neuter. Let’s just say he was not a fan!

"Well, the last time they were near that area I lost valuable pieces of my anatomy!"

“Well, the last time they were near that area I lost valuable pieces of my anatomy!”

Everything is great, though. Incision is healing fine and while he still didn’t like the vet looking in his mouth, that’s healing fine, as well.

His weight is perfect and even though he had a coughing fit in front of the vet after the torture of getting his sutures removed, the vet really wasn’t concerned at all, cementing the fact we made the right decision in not considering surgery for his trachea.

He’s back at home resting up – and using Lucy as a pillow! – after all of tonight’s excitement.


Now he just needs to find his forever family!