Long Time No Blog

I’ve been a horrible blogger. It’s not that there’s nothing to write about – it’s that there’s no time to write about it! Marty and I both work in college athletics and we’re hitting postseason time for spring athletic teams so that means little free time for either of us. Fortunately we live only a mile from work and have help with the doggies when we need it.

Anyway, today I took Buddy to the vet after work to get his sutures out and to do a quick re-check on his teeth. In further proof I am losing my mind, I forgot both my camera and my phone at home so I didn’t get any pictures of his face while they were taking out the sutures from his neuter. Let’s just say he was not a fan!

"Well, the last time they were near that area I lost valuable pieces of my anatomy!"

“Well, the last time they were near that area I lost valuable pieces of my anatomy!”

Everything is great, though. Incision is healing fine and while he still didn’t like the vet looking in his mouth, that’s healing fine, as well.

His weight is perfect and even though he had a coughing fit in front of the vet after the torture of getting his sutures removed, the vet really wasn’t concerned at all, cementing the fact we made the right decision in not considering surgery for his trachea.

He’s back at home resting up – and using Lucy as a pillow! – after all of tonight’s excitement.


Now he just needs to find his forever family!


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